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A Busy Moms Family Easter Dinner Table

As busy moms we don't have time to go too crazy with our holiday plans, so it's nice when it's easy to pull together an awesome Easter dinner table without spending too much time or money. This Easter dinner is perfect for family dinners and great memories.
This past weekend, we had this beautiful weekend at the beach planned.  We were going to go over and win the morning soccer games for my son's travel team, then we would go to dinner at TGIFridays, and then spend the afternoon on the beach.

We would rent a hotel and spend all day Sunday relaxing on the sand, playing in the waves, and enjoying time together as a family.  Then we would finish the weekend off by visiting the Pirates Cove dinner and show.

It was going to be perfect.

Why does that never quite work out?

Instead we struggled through a tie and a very close win in the soccer games, enjoyed some SLOOOOOOW service at the restruant, and it was so cold we ended up huddled in blankets on the beach.  My son even built sandcastles from the safety of a sleeping bag.

Not quite the weekend I was hoping for.

As we were driving home early Saturday afternoon, waiting for our teeth to stop chattering, I started thinking about what a loss that weekend was.  We didn't get to play on the beach.  We didn't get to go to the Pirate show.  We didn't spend the night listening to the waves through our hotel window.

I was a little bummed.

Then I started talking with my son.  He told me how he had so much fun that day.  He loved that we watched him play his soccer games and were the loudest on the sidelines cheering.  He loved that we got to spend time talking and laughing at lunch while we waited for our food.  He loved that he got to run through the waves and build sandcastles with his seashells.

It started me thinking about how we try to do so much for our kids.  We think we need to spend a ton of time and money on them to make things perfect.  How did we fall in to this trap?

We are all busy.  We all have time restraints...money restraints...and life restraints.

But we can make the most out of each  moment with very little time, money, or effort.

Since Easter is coming up in a few weeks, I'm sure you busy moms are thinking about how to make this Easter be awesome for your kids.

I'm joining a group of fun bloggers today who are sharing great ways to help you decorate your home and table for Easter and spring.  Don't miss the great ideas by scrolling to the bottom of the post and hopping on through.

I'm showing you  the easy way I created a fun Easter dinner table for my family while being busy, cheap, and awesome.

I started with a purple sheet from Walmart.  I love to use new twin size flat sheets as tablecloths.  They are so much cheaper than using store bought tablecloths and you can get them in so many colors and styles..perfect for any party.

Next I found these super cute felt Easter egg decorations from Dollar Tree.  I grabbed them in four different colors and am using them as placemats at each setting.  It's a super easy way to add some fun to the table with very little money.

The plates are ones that I have on hand all the time. 

I use these glass plates from Walmart for so many of my parties as they go with everything and I threw these striped plates from Target underneath for a pop of color.

The goblets have a different color ribbon bow on each of them to keep with the easter egg color scheme.

I have a hard time coming up with a fun centerpiece for my tables sometimes as that's an area where you could find yourself spending a bunch of money. But I think it adds so much pop to the table and ties the whole Easter dinner table together.

I chose to use a plastic serving tray that I had from Dollar Tree.  Inside the tray I added a cute Easter bunny that I found at Hobby Lobby last year on clearance.  Surrounding the bunny I added Easter egg candy in lots of different flavors.  (I may have gone a little crazy here, but the kids love it and it looks so cool!)

I have M&M Easter eggs, Cadbury Crème eggs, Reeses peanut butte eggs, Lindor truffle eggs, Hershey eggs, Starburst jellybeans, and Jolly Rancher Jellybeans.

(This would be a great way to collect all the Easter candy from your kids' baskets on Easter afternoon so they don't go too crazy.  Then you can use it as a decoration and dole out the candy as needed.  Saves money and is a mom-win!)

On both sides of the Easter candy, I added multi colored flower bouquets.  I love how the colors match the bright Easter egg colors of my table.

I bought a $5.00 bouquet of flowers from Walmart and split it in half.  Each side of the Easter candy got a small bouquet in a glass vase.  Then I added a bow around the top of the vase.  I found this cute Easter egg ribbon at Dollar Tree when I picked up the placemats.

On the outside of the flower bouquets, I used two wooden baskets from my Easter decorations and filled them with Easter eggs.

I don't allow Easter grass in my house since I absolutely HATE the stuff.  (Am I the only one that finds it EVERYWHERE months after Easter is over?)

So I filled the baskets with green shred and various Easter eggs that we save year after year.

To finish off the table, I created some super cute Easter Egg salt and pepper shaker covers.

I am a HUGE fan of fun salt and pepper shakers for my dinner tables.  If I have extra money in my budget, I love to find some that match my party theme and add to the table decorations.

But since I'm working on a limited budget this Easter, I used a Mortons salt and pepper shaker from Walmart and just created printable covers that matched my Easter Egg theme.  Such an easy way to add that little extra something without too much time or energy.

If you want a copy of these Easter Egg salt and pepper shaker printable covers, I'm offering them as part of my email newsletter sign up.  You can get this free party printable as well as lots of other free printables and party ideas delivered right to your email box every week!

Just sign up here and you'll receive the salt and pepper shaker in time for your own Easter dinner table.

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Above the table is my Easter Egg chandelier.  I showed you how I made that last week here.

I love how it continues the Easter egg table theme and ties the whole Easter dinner table together.

This Easter dinner table was so quick and easy this dinner table was to put together.  I only purchased a few things as most of what I used was already in my dinning room, Easter decorations, or craft stash.

That's probably my #1 tip for a busy mom who wants to make the most of the time she has with her kids--- use what you have.  You don't have to spend a lot of time or money to make lasting memories with your kids.

Just use what you have and enjoy the time together.  You can't  go wrong.

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