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Moving Up with the May Candy Wrapper Club

Oh my goodness! It's finally May.  I hope that means we are done with the winter weather.  After all, school is almost out, which means Teacher Appreciation Week, Mother's day is just around the corner, and it's summer birthday party season.

But don't worry, I have you covered with May's Candy Wrapper Club printables.

Our Candy Bar Wrapper club has a new candy bar wrapper every Tuesday.  You can use these candy bars as cards to say Thank You or Happy Birthday or You Can Do It or Happy Mothers Day.  The ideas are endless.  And who wouldn't want a card that had a sweet Hershey candy bar in the center?  Talk about an extra little sweetness.

With access to the candy bar wrapper club, you can get 3 months of candy bar wrappers, 6 months of candy bar wrappers, or a whole year of wrappers to make you the best gift giver your friends know!  To get these wrappers and sign up, visit our Candy Bar Wrapper Club page to get all the information.

If you are interested in making a little extra money, we also have a candy bar wrapper club affiliate program.  You can make 40% off of every new member you refer to our weekly club.  That's a sweet bit of extra cash to help you enjoy a few more parties this summer.  Find out more information here.


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