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10 Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Ten Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas by Kims Kandy kreations
We don't have an Elf on the Shelf and probably won't be getting one since Mini Me is on the verge of not believing in Santa anymore, but I love the fun ideas that come out every year about this time.  These are a few funny Elf on the Shelf ideas that made me chuckle and wish we had an elf playing jokes at our house.

Elf on Shelf Pooping by the Fancy Stanton

Elf on the Shelf by Momma Melly

Elf on the Shelf Shaving Head by Dump A Day
3. by Dump A Day

Say Anything Elf on the Shelf by Dr Farrior

Star Wars Elf on the Shelf by Gavin Hay Photography

Elf on the Shelf Cleaning Up the Poop by Picklehead Soup

Making Smores Elf on the Shelf by Raining Hot Coupons

Harry Potter Elf on Shelf by Skinny Mom
8. by Skinny Mom

Ziplining Elf on Shelf by Ruby and Myrtle

Real Elf on Shelf
10. Real Elf on Shelf (by Unknown)


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