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Jelly Bean Easter Wreath

I absolutely LOVE the balloon wreath I made for the Chef party we had a few weeks ago, and it's been hanging on my front door since.  But I decided it was time to "Easter" my front door up.  I was trying to find something just as cute, but didn' I decided to make my own wreath.

I took a Styrofoam wreath I purchased a few weeks ago for a different project that I never got around to making.

I wrapped it in some purple ribbon that I had laying around.

I only used one roll of ribbon since I was being frugal with this project and wanted to use what I had on hand as much as possible.  But I wanted to make sure there was some pretty color between any jelly beans.

I purchased 5 bags of jelly beans at Dollar Tree, but I only ended up using 3 bags to cover the whole wreath, and one more to build up a second layer.

I started in a simple zig zag pattern where I placed a roll of jelly beans and then built the next row below it filling in between.

The pattern didn't last very long, but I ended up filling in the holes as I went.

It took about an hour to glue all those on.  I really liked how it looked, but decided to use another bag of jelly beans and layer it on top of the first layer.

After gluing all the beans on, I sprayed it generously with sealer.

Lastly, I added a bow with some Easter ribbon that I had in my stash and hung it on my front door. 
Turned out cute!  And yummy!

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