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Yummy Balloon Wreath Decoration

I've seen these amazing balloon wreaths around the web and I couldn't wait to try one myself.
This party was a great reason to make one as it sits perfectly to invite my friends into the house for a Yummy luncheon party. I think it turned out beautiful with these fun red, black, and white colors!

If you want to try one yourself, you'll need

Straw Wreath (leave the packaging on to avoid shed)
2 bags of Floral Pins
BUNCH of balloons (I used 200)

Start by placing the neck of the balloon inside the top edge of the floral pin.

Push the pin securely into the wreath.

Randomly push different colors around the wreath.

I'll be honest, this was the hardest part for me.  I wasn't sure how to do "random".  So I just pushed the balloon pins in at different angles and different coloring.  At the beginning it may look weird, but as you start filling it in more, you'll be able to know what to add to make it look like you want.

Keep going all the way around the wreath.
It's so easy, and fun, that even a child can do it!

The more balloons you add, the fuller the wreath looks.

To finish off the wreath, I added a banner that says "YUMMY".

I wanted my banner to be able to change with the theme, so I cut out my banner and glued ribbon to the back.  Then I tied the ribbon to the floral pins and pinned it to the wreath.



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