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M&M Candy Napkin Rings

Today I'm sharing the one of the cutest projects I've made to date.

Maybe I'm a little biased.  I do love candy.  I would love to decorate my craft room, heck...my whole house, in candy paraphernalia.  (Yea, I'd probably be one of THOSE crazy ladies.)  Instead, I limit my self to decorating minimalistically.  (Besides, have you seen how much some of that stuff is?  And to be honest, some of it is a little gaudy.)

But I digress...

I'm sharing these cute M&M candy napkin rings that I made for this week's Chocolate party.
And guess what....they are SUPER easy!

All you need is:
Beveled Napkin Rings (I bought mine at Jo-Anns)
M&Ms (I used plain...you'll need approximately 33 for each ring)
Spray Paint (an "M&M" color..red, yellow, blue, green....)
Glue gun

Spray paint your napkin rings.
I didn't do this the first one, and I immediately wished I had.  On mine, you could see the edge and it would look nicer if they weren't a non-matching brown.

Use your M&Ms and glue in a circle around the top edge of the ring.  Use a random coloring.  Let it overlap the edge about 1/3 of the M&M.  Use a lot of glue.  You don't want the M&Ms come to come off.

Glue in between the M&Ms on the next level down.

Repeat for the final layer.

Now seal the M&Ms and let dry.

See I told you it was easy.  And aren't they just so cute?

If you don't want to make your own, but still want to own a set,
I've now added these to our store HERE.
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