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Sock Hop Fifties Birthday Party

While searching the web for ideas, I've had a hard time finding some REAL parties with a Fifties Sock Hop theme.  I don't know if it's just not a popular theme or if people are so jealous with their ideas.

Finally after days of looking, I stumbled across Just A Frugal Mom blog.  Wow!

She threw her daughter an amazing Sock Hop party.

It started with this fun record invitation.  It's great how it is so easy and great looking with the record.  And the poem is a great, themed touch!

She made some great simple decorations to make the kitchen into a fun Soda Shop.  The black and white squares on the counter are just genius!  The banner is beautiful in the pink and turquoise shades.  Adds a sweet personalized touch.

Her garage decorations just blow me away!  The black and white sides are a great idea to hide the fact that you are in a garage and not a real dance hall.  My favorite is the black and white checkered dance floor though.  Isn't that awesome....and a very frugal way to add a real touch.  LOVE that!

This CD is a great party favor idea.  Isn't it clever how she made the CD look like a record? It's all in the details and Just A Frugal Mom has them all.  Check out her full post HERE for more great pictures!


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