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Increase Your Pinterest Followers with Board Booster

Take advantage of the Pinterest craze by using BoardBooster pin scheduler to increase your Pinterest followers and therefore your pin reach.  You'll be thrilled with all the great ways to use this at such a great cost--free.

Take advantage of the Pinterest craze by using BoardBooster pin scheduler to increase your Pinterest followers and therefore your pin reach.  You'll be thrilled with all the great ways to use this at such a great cost--free.
If you've been following my blogging tips lately, you'll know I've been working on increasing my Pinterest following this month.

I love Pinterest personally for finding new blogs, new projects, and great ideas to try and share.  I could spend hours scrolling through my feed, and unfortunately, have spent hours before.  But I'm trying to do better lately and have spent my hours while waiting at soccer practices or in carpool lines to pick up the kids from school, scrolling and pinning.

But I know that my free hours for pinning aren't the same as other mom's free hours.  So I would like to be on Pinterest more regularly to share my great finds and my own, amazing, blog posts.

So when I heard about Board Booster, I was pretty excited.

Board Booster is a Pin Scheduling service for Pinterest.  I've been using it for almost a month now and have loved it so far.

Each week I get a progress report on how well my Pinterest goals are working for me.

Before I started working on Pinterest, I was growing at about 15 new followers a week.  It was pretty steady and worked just by pinning and repinnig projects and occasionally stumbling upon new people to follow.

This week, between Board Booster and my new following strategy, I have gained 71 new followers!

One of my favorite features of Board Booster is Looping.

With looping, you can have the scheduler repin ideas from your favorite boards into your news feed.

I chose two favorite boards "Best of Kandy Kreations" and "Free Printables from Kandy Kreations" as well as any current holiday boards such as "Father's Day", "Mother's Day" and "Graduation".

I added them to the Looping feature and now Board Boster will repin ideas from those boards throughout the day into my news feed so new followers and friends that may have missed them the first time, can see them again.

When Mother's day is over, I'll probably take that Pin board off and replace it with Patriotic Ideas so the pins will always be relevant and fresh.

Isn't that awesome?

The other aspect I like about Board Booster is the pin scheduler.

It is so simple to use and once it's set up, you can schedule pins from your desktop or the Pinterest app.

After you sign up, you will go in and create your boards.  Basically, you are selecting the current boards that you want to schedule to and creating secret boards that Board Booster will pull from and repin to your public boards later.

You can select up to 10 boards at a time to do this with, but there is no limit on the number of boards you can have on Board Booster.

Once you have your boards set up, just visit your favorite bloggers, scroll through Pinterest, go search for Holiday ideas, or what ever you like to do.

When you find something you want to pin, you'll pick a board as normal.  If you want to pin now, choose your regular board.  Anything after that (such as if you find a whole bunch of Patriotic party ideas right in a row), pin to the board that has a "-" in front of it....such as -Patriotic party.

That is your secret board that Board Booster will pull from on the schedule that you set up.  

This way you can search for Mother's Day ideas but not flood your followers with those pins all in a row.  Board Booster will spread those pins out throughout the day for you so more followers can see them.

There are lots of other options that Board Booster has that I'm only beginning to scratch the surface with.

They have some great reports to help you know how your pins are doing and when the best time to pin is.  They have a broken link checker.  You can easily split or clean up your bigger boards.  And if you have a lot of group boards, they will help manage them.  (This service is in beta, so we are all trying to figure it out.)

I have been super pleased with all the Pinterest help that Board Booster has been in the past month.

And while I've been on it, it's all been free.  I haven't upgraded yet to any of the paid versions.  If you are a huge pinner, then you may need to look into the payed area, but so far, it hasn't been necessary for me.  Maybe as I grow.  But the nice thing is, they have plans that start at $5.00 a month, so it's a good price overall.

I highly recommend Board Booster in helping to Increase your Pinterest followers.  If you are looking for other great blogging ideas, check out my Blogging posts here or check out our group Pinterest blogging board:

Follow Kandy Kreations's board Blogging Ideas on Pinterest.

How do you increase your Pinterest followers?  Do you have any great tools that help you?


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