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Enjoying Spring Break

I've been thinking a lot the last few days about why I started this blog.  Originally, I only wanted to share the parties and ideas that I had with you.

I was so tired of looking at all the fun parties online and not being able to replicate my favorite parts.  I wanted a place where you could look at the party and find step by step directions on how to make all the cool elements or where you could go and buy the items.

As I threw more and more parties, and blogged more and more about them, I began to have a bit of an understanding that I didn't just want to make all my parties special for my kids and family.  I wanted to make every day special.

So my blog began to evolve a little.  I started trying to find ways to make every day moments matter.  I wanted my kids to look back on their child hood and realize they had a wonderful time with family moments that they could remember forever.

With that end in mind, I am taking this week off.  I am going to spend Spring Break with my family.  While we are staying home and enjoying a "stay-cation", I am going to spend as many moments as I can making our moments matter.

When I come back on Friday, I hope I'll have lots of great ideas and experiences to share with you.  So together, we can find ways to make lots of memories and traditions are kids will remember and love.

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