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Harry Potter Dementors Chocolate Candy Bar Wrapper Printable

Today is Harry Potter's Birthday.

I have a sister who refuses to read or watch anything having to do with Harry Potter.  I don't get it.  Personally, I have read every story about the "boy who lived" that's been written.  I read all seven books.  I've read his son James Potter's stories.  And I've even read Rita Skeeter's most recent articles on the scandelous comings and goings of Dumbeldore's Army at the recent World Quidditch cup.

I don't think that J.K. Rowlings knew the effect Harry Potter and his story would have on each of our muggle lives.  I think the joy, fun, adventure, and friendship that these stories shared with us will continue to entertain new generations for years to come.

And so we need to celebrate Harry Potter's big day today.

Using the magic of his birthday, I am pulling one of the most recent wrappers from our Candy Bar Wrapper membership club out of the member's files to share with you today.  Here is the Dementors chocolate candy bar wrapper printable for you.

Week Twenty-Nine: Dementors Chocolate Wrapper

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