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Wizard of Oz Ruby Red Slipper and Printable Tag

Wizard of Oz Ruby Red Slipper and Printable Tag
You can't have a Wizard of Oz Party without including Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers!  And what better way to add them to your Wizard of Oz party than to use the famous red shoes to hold yummy candy?  And not just any candy, but the new Jelly Belly Jewel jelly beans!  Have you seen these yet? Talk about a beautiful shimmer on the best jelly beans on the planet!

These Ruby Red Slippers a win-win situation for your Wizard of Oz party guests to enjoy a sweet party favor and you to be the most amazing party hostess ever.

You're Off To See The Wizard Tag
To make it even better, we have added a fun tag to the candy to send each guest "off to see the wizard" in style with our "You're Off To See the Wizard" Cupcake Topper or Candy Tag showing Glinda the good witch.

And really, these are pretty easy to make...who doesn't need that?
Paper Shoe Pattern

To start, print off and cut out this paper Shoe Template I found LOONNNGG ago from Creative Choice Designs by Pam Curtis.  I can't even find her on the internet anymore, so if anyone knows where to find this pattern currently, please let me know so I can forward you to her!

I didn't want the flower and extra stuff on my Ruby Red Slipper, so I just used the main shoe pattern and cut that out.

Paper Shoe Template Pattern
I found some red glitter card stock at my local scrapbook store and traced the shoe pattern to the back of the paper.

Ruby Red Slipper Pattern
Cut around the outside of the pattern and then along the heel to free it from the sole of the shoe.  Then be sure to score along all the dotted edges in the pattern to make it easy to fold the shoe up correctly.  I used a ruler and just did my best to freehand the pattern.  The heel was the only part that I measured to make sure they were even.

Dorothy's Ruby Red Slipper from the Wizard of Oz
Fold along the score lines and use a little glue to put the Ruby Red Slipper together.  

Wizard of Oz You're Off To See The Wizard Printable Tag
I used the new Jewel Cream Soda Jelly Beans from Jelly Belly to add more shimmer to my ruby red slipper and then printed out our "You're Off To See The Wizard" cupcake tag and added it to the top of the bag of candy to finish off this beautiful party favor.

Wizard of Oz Ruby Red Slippers Printable Candy Party Favor
Don't you wish that shoes were this easy to make all the time? It would save me a lot of money the way Drama Queen loves THE shoes and my boys tear through theirs!


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