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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cinderella's Magic Slipper DIY

The Princess fundraiser is the weekend and I am SO VERY far from being done.  I keep getting distracted by two other BIG projects I'm working on that my blog is starting to see a little more neglect than I'd like.  So, I think for the next few weeks, I will be straying from form and showing you lots of little projects from the Disney tables instead of staying on one princess for each two week period.

So today, I wanted to show a simple DIY on how to make Cinderella's slipper.

I didn't have any luck in finding a glass shoe around town.  I think that if I were near a Hobby Lobby or Michaels, I might have been able to find a wedding decoration or something to fit, but instead I went to my trusty Goodwill  and found some ugly, CHEAP shoes.

My shoes were gold, but you could go with just about any color.  The Drama Queen told me I should have gone with white or silver, but the silver ones were REALLY ugly, so I got these instead.

I painted a good layer of Modge Podge all over one of the shoes with a foam brush.

Then I poured a generous amount of gold glitter on the shoes.  BE SURE YOU DO THIS OVER A NEWSPAPER!

Then I allowed the shoe to dry.  Now I have to find a little pillow that will work to place the shoe on and it will be a great slipper for my Cinderella party table!


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