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Movie Valentine Party Games

I know that most of you probably had your Valentine's celebrations yesterday, but ours is coming this weekend, so I'm still working on party details for a few more days.  I hope you'll bear with me and maybe file these away for next year!

Today, I'm working on a few more games for our party.

I already shared the printable for the Candy Bingo game (don't forget it's only free until Friday, so don't forget to go grab it if you want it!)

I've been working on a few quiz party games as pre-openers so the guests will have something to do while we are waiting for everyone to show up.

The group that I'm planning the party for is REALLY into music.  They have it on ALL the time when they come over and so it inspired this Valentine Movie Love Song Match game.

The game has 15 love songs and movies.  The object is to match up the song with the movie that it came from.

I tried to use movies that the teens have hopefully seen or heard the music from, so most of the movies are fairly recent or are family appropriate.

The printable is designed to get 2 to a page so you can right click and save the picture, then print off as many as you need for your party guests.

Here are the answers:

The next game has the same idea, but you need to name the movie the love quote came from.

Some of these are a little older, but they are good quotes.
Here's the answers:

The last game we will probably play is one I did a few years ago at an adult valentine's party hubby and I did.  We found a clip on YouTube with some famous movie kisses and had the guests try and figure out what movie the kiss came from.

I wish I knew how to do this myself, but since I don't.  This is one of my favorite versions with some good old and "new" movies.  Plus, the answers are listed right there!


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