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Angry Bird Poop Printable

I guess I've been on a candy topper printable roll lately.  There are so many fun ways to use these and fun ways to share them.  So of course, I had to make some for my Angry Birds birthday party.

The idea for this printable came to me about 3:00 AM one night last week.  The poem just flowed out of my crazy, tired brain.  I ran it by my boys and they LOVED it.  So I'm hoping a party full of adolescent boys and girls will also enjoy these fun candy favors.
The poem reads:

You've stolen our eggs
To that level you'll stoop
So be very careful or next
We'll throw some Angry Bird Poop!

The printable comes in the same format as our popular Elf Kisses Printable.  I've made it easy for you to print if you have a borderless or a bordered printer.  You can print it to top a 3x4 inch bag (available at Walmart in the craft section or any other craft store), as a tag to tie to a bag of candy, or as a topper for a ziplock sandwich bag.

Add this topper or tag printable to a bag of colored M&M Candies or Skittles for a fun candy poop.  The colors of the M&M Candies will (mostly) match the colors of the angry birds and so will really up the fun factor of your party.

You can get it in our Angry Birds party section or in our Candy Toppers section, but be sure you get it today!

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