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Angry Bird Party Dessert Table

The games are set, the food is almost ready, and the decorations are up.  I'm getting super excited for our Angry Birds birthday party tonight, but I wanted to share a peek of the dessert table with you first.

I started using a blue backdrop which is actually a fitted sheet from Walmart.  (You can't beat the price of $5.00 for a table cloth!)  I used a green sheet as the table cloth.  This allowed me to "copy" the Angry Bird background in the game for my dessert table.

The center of my table has a wooden Pig House filled with our Pig Pistachio Pudding Desserts.  My son had to add his Red Angry bird in their so the pigs would be "scared and know who was boss."

In front of them are some Gatorade drink bottles wrapped with a polka dot wrapper.  The wrappers say "Happy Birthday" in our Angry Bird font.  (We shared where to get that HERE.)

To the left, I have the Angry Bird whirlypop lollipops.

In front of the lollipops are the Angry Bird cupcakes that the boys and I made.  (I can't believe they have lasted until today...they ask me EVERYDAY when they can have them!)

Next to the cupcakes are a play on our Angry Bird poop printable that has just been SO popular.  (Thank you everyone who has shared this!)  I filled a bowl with M&Ms and labeled them "Bird Poop" using our Angry Bird Table Cards free printable.

To the right of our Pig House are these new Candy Cones in the Angry Bird shapes.  I filled these with Angry Bird fruit snacks that I found at Walmart.

I made some of our Polka Dot chocolate covered oreos for the party.  (I just realized that the kids have already started sneaking these.  Good thing I have several more in the kitchen.)

To mirror our Bird Poop, I have Bird Kisses.  These are Hershey kisses with small stickers on the bottoms.

It's a small dessert table, but I think we'll be busy with some of the fun games and activities we have planned.  The boys can't wait to play with the Can Game we designed.  It's become THE game this week.  My boys have actually been putting the cans inside the pig house and throwing their Red plush bird at the house while trying to knock the pigs out of it.

The party should be lots of fun and I can't wait to eat those Pigs!


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