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Candy Apple Buffet

I'm thankful today for candy.

Is that a strange thing to be thankful for?  Probably not, but let me tell you that I feel like I've been surviving the past month of my life with a sugar IV.  If I could, I'd probably have made myself several dozen No-bake cookies and be hiding in a corner right now stuffing my face.

I know, not a pretty picture.

As much as I wish I could say I deal with stress by exercising or doing something productive, I'd be lying.  I eat...and I eat sweet stuff.

So in honor of my sweet addiction, I wanted to share a fun idea for a Thanksgiving or fall themed party.  I found this Candy Apple Buffet idea on With This Ring Weddings.

I didn't see many thoughts on this idea there, but wouldn't it be a great idea to have this buffet idea at your Thanksgiving dessert table?  After all, other than pie, I don't know any other desserts that scream fall like candy apples do.

It would be a fun and novel idea to have a bunch of apples and some carmel, butterscotch, and/or chocolate dip at your dessert table.  Then add all kinds of fun toppings to let guests dip their apples into.  What about sprinkles?  Nuts?  Graham Crackers? Pretzels? Chocolate Chips? You could really let your imagination, and your taste buds, run wild on those apples.


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