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Yummy Witches Cauldrons

I have not meant to be so MIA lately.  We've been traveling for the past few days, and it's been a little harder than I expected.  I don't know if it's my heartache from the move, the fact that I haven't been feeling well, or just the overall stress of living in a hotel for so long, but things have just been harder.

But I am still excited for the Halloween holiday coming up this weekend and wanted to continue sharing my favorite ideas from other bloggers.  Hopefully, you are having a party this weekend and can enjoy a hauntedly yummy treat.

I love these fun Witches Cauldron treats made by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.  They are made the same way I made my Snowman bowls from our Snow party last year, except you use dark chocolate instead of white.  My kids LOVE pistachio pudding, so I would fill mine with that and all the cute extras for a fun treat for a Halloween party.

Go check out the complete directions at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen and be sure to stay awhile.  She has an amazing blog with lots of fun Halloween and cooking ideas.


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