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Shout Out Sunday

A few of my favorite party ideas from around the web...

Giverslog shared this Bubble Wrap Hopscotch.  What kid doesn't like bubble wrap?  What kid doesn't like hopscotch?  Who would have thought to combine the two?  So clever! I can see this as a MAJOR hit at any birthday party.

Maddycakes Muse shared these Baby Rattle cupcakes on her facebook page this week.  I LOVE fun, easy, cute cupcakes and these are just the best.  I could totally see these being the star of the show at a baby shower.  I can't wait to throw one now just so I can make them.

Mommy Minded shared her Spooky Family Fun Night.  What a great idea!  We have a family home evening every week, but its such a fun idea to kick up the evening a notch and turn it into a mini party just for your family.  I think I will definitely try and do this once a month to really thrill the kids.

The Sweetest Occasion shared these Washi Tape flatware.   What a cute and fun way to dress up your silverware.  I'm not sure how it's done since I've never played with Washi Tape myself, but I am certainly going to find some now.  This would be great way to your tableware.
Craft Addiction shared these Cupcake Stands.  I know we've seen these before several times, but I just LOVE how she has found a way to be able to change and reuse the stands and plates.  So very clever!  And don't you just love this green and black stand?  It would be perfect for a Halloween party!


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