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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Bunny Bites

When I was in Texas last week, I got to visit one of my 2 favorite stores.  I love Target.  I don't know what it is about that store that makes it so awesome, but I do.  I just think their clothing, their dishes, their furniture, everything...is just a little "better" than Walmart's quality and their prices are what even I'd be willing to pay.  But *SIGH* where I live now does not have a Target...not really even very close.  So I don't get to go very often, but I digress....

While I was perusing the isles for the whole 45 minutes I got to shop (don't ask on that one...) I found this great Easter Bunny Silicone Mold

As soon as I saw it I could just imagine the possibilities!  What amazing cake pops this would make.  And I can't wait to make ice cubes with it for the glasses on Easter.  How fun!

Yesterday, my little "Daredevil" was home sick from school.  (He's the one who wants to have his own brownie shop someday if you remember.)  By the afternoon he was feeling better and going a little stir crazy from not doing much all day. 

So we decided to make some brownies for "Drama Queen" and "Mr. Perfectionist".  They had a youth activity that evening where they needed a treat that was from their ancestors time.  My ancestors were mostly cowboys in the Wild West so we decided to make some Rabbit...Brownie Rabbits that is.

They turned out so CUTE!
They were a little time consuming since I only had the one mold and I was able to make about 60 brownie bites.  But the kids LOVED them and enjoyed them more than they would have real rabbit.

But after looking at them for a while, I decided they needed something MORE....

So I gave them white chocolate faces
and put them on a stick with a bow.

But still...I wanted MORE

So I dipped some in white chocolate

and gave them ears!

I can't wait to make a bunch of these for my Easter party. (As you can guess, we don't have any left after last night.)

If you don't have a Target near you either, Amazon sells this mold for the same price!
I TOTALLY recommend it.  It's so easy to make and fun to have.  Actually, I may even go and get another one with my Swagbucks Gift Cards!
You can buy it here:

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