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Breaking News....

Terre Haute, IN (FB wire)...Late in the morning on January 2, 2010, authorities were called to a home in south Terre Haute where an accident claimed the life of Mya Sweet Hairdryer.

Authorities refuse to comment on the cause of the accident and will only say it was suspicious. A person of interest is being questioned in the case, but authorities have few leads.
Mya Hairdryer had just returned from a whirl-wind cross country tour that took her from Utah to Texas to Indian to Maine. Authorities are unsure whether her trip had anything to do with the accident. Upon return from her trip, she visited a friend at "The Room Next Door" when an argument with "The Room's" owner occurred.

Paramedics were called immediately. They have spent several days trying to revive Ms. Hairdryer but have been unsuccessful. She was pronounced dead today by authorities in charge of the investigation.

Mya Hairdryer is survived by her two sisters Ms. FlatIron and Mrs. CurlingIron. They claim "we will fight until justice is found for our sister." Authorities have no comment.


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